Anti-capitalist Potluck

Anti-capitalist Potluck

September 21, 2019

Come share food and conversation at an anti-capitalist public potluck!
The event is being organized by the Neighborhood Anarchist Collective, but all anti-ocapitalists are welcome! We hope to have folks from many different groups there and it can be a great opportunity to discuss projects and different ways we can all work together for collective liberation!
Come enjoy a more relaxed social setting to talk and discuss your thoughts and ideas on politics and philosophy, current events, music and movies, or whatever you want, With a group of people you can feel comfortable are going to share a lot of your ideas.
We try to make all of our events safer spaces and this venue is ADA accessible.

If anyone has specific allergies please let us know and we will try to encourage foods free of those items. Avoiding nuts is probably a good start. We encourage people to consider vegan and gluten free options when making food but the only thing you are required to bring is yourself.

McNail-Riley House
601 W 13th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401

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