Community philosophy circle: Responding to the climate crisis

Community philosophy circle: Responding to the climate crisis

December 8, 2022

Come together to explore the topic of "Responding to the Climate Crisis" in a conversation facilitated by philosopher-educators Paul Bodin and Caroline Lundquist.

This monthly forum for people of all ages and backgrounds offers an opportunity to  share opinions and ideas in a structured setting to explore challenging topics with civility and consideration. With a different theme each month, the conversations will address deep and universal questions about life, identity, community, and responsibility.

This topic choice was inspired by a West African proverb: I am a citizen of a world not yet born. Bodin and Lundquist explain, "Today we are citizens of a world on fire.  Solastalgia is a state of distress that we experience when familiar environments change for the worse in our lifetime and may never be the same again.  Are we living in a time of solastalgia?  Is this a time for despair?  Or can we remake the world to become a better place?"

Community Philosophy Circles will take place on the second Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. through March.

Eugene Public Library
100 W 10th Ave
Eugene, OR

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