Eugene Fights Back: New friend gathering

Eugene Fights Back: New friend gathering

All day
May 14, 2023

We are beginning a process of creating a twice-monthly container for trans/queer anarchist meet-ups to grow affinity, learn from each other, and build a stronger resistance network. The idea is a freeform structure that meets people where they are at, while encouraging principled direct action and support to fluidly help with whatever situation is shared with us by consenting individuals. We decided it would be symbolic to do it on Mother's Day to give a lot of us with no families a place to go and be in community. It also feels important to bring us together in social settings not run by nonprofits, political parties, businesses, and even other 'LGBT' activist/ anarchist settings where a majority have limited knowledge of trans/queer experiences. Let alone our history of struggle against all the systems oppressing us nor the identity to share the trauma of constant attacks in this political moment.

We encourage any trans/ queer person with an interest in anarchism to attend, but due to the nature of violence and constant political co-optation of spaces: we'd like to vet the intentions of people and ask those in attendance to not share location/ timing information publicly. Once vetted, people are welcome to just vouch for a friend to bring along. This is a space for rad friendship, networking, mutual aid, and direct action. We ask electoral/state politics, assimilationist strategists, and peace police go elsewhere.

This is a call for all who wish to continue the work of our trans-cestors in their fight for liberation to attend.

For further information, please email:

Please wear a mask if coming in-person (n95s will be available to those who don't).

We also have the capability to have an online option, as needed.

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