HAND: October mass meeting

HAND: October mass meeting

October 3, 2022

We will hold our next Mass Meeting on Monday, October 3rd from 6-7:30 at Monroe Park. This will be our last outdoor mass meeting this year as we secure an accessible indoor space for the cold and dark winter months.

At our September Mass Meeting, we were lucky to have over 40 attendees who joined in struggle, conversation and collaboration. At least 30% of our comrades at the meeting are experiencing high rents, 20% are dealing with maintenance issues and 16% living with mold issues their landleeches won’t address.

Please join us so we can build tenant power and defend our neighborhoods together! Bring a chair or something to sit on, layers to stay warm for autumn weather, something to contribute to the potluck if you are able, and a friend, coworker or neighbor! Email us with any suggestions or questions EugeneHAND@protonmail.com.

Monroe City Park
10th and Monroe
Eugene, OR 97402

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