NAC: The Solidarity Share Fair Mobile Free Market

NAC: The Solidarity Share Fair Mobile Free Market

August 25, 2020

In response to the need for social distancing, and to do our part in protecting our community from the spread of COVID-19, the Solidarity Share Fair: A Really Free Market will be going mobile and distributing care packages to community members expressing need. Our care packages will include a small meal, snacks, travel-size toiletries/self-care products, basic first aid supplies, and socks!

If you have items (small enough to be carried in a grocery bag) that you would like to donate to our care packages, you can contact us here:
***If you have items to donate, but are unable to leave your home, please let us know and we will do our best to connect you with a community liaison in your neighborhood to see about donation pick-up.

If you’re wanting to contribute to the Solidarity Share Fair and are unable to donate supplies or time to our cause this month, that’s totally okay, and there are still ways to help! You can share this post with your friends and family, or if you have the financial ability you can donate funds to the link below:
Funds donated to the Solidarity Share Fair are used to purchase new or gently used clothing, gear, and personal supplies for our Solidarity Share Fair. Thanks so much for all of your help and appreciation for our little group, we really love helping our community, and it’s great to know we are loved in return! ♥

In Solidarity,
The Neighborhood Anarchists Collective

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