Springfield Economic Development Agency meeting

Springfield Economic Development Agency meeting

November 22, 2021

Glenwood Riverfront Request for Qualifications Submission Presentation.

The SEDA Board issued a formal Request for Qualified (RFQ) Developers (Attachment
1) on August 30th with submissions to the RFQ due by October 15th. One submission
was received by the deadline from a combined development team including Edlen and
Company and deChase Miksis. The submission is provided as Attachment 2. No late or
incomplete submissions were submitted.

As part of the released RFQ, the developer was asked to demonstrate their
qualifications and experience in five key priority areas. These areas were given
weighted priority by the board, are outlined in detail within the Attachment 1 RFQ, and
summarized below:

Master Development Experience & References (35%)

Developer Financial Capacity (25%)

Team Design & Development Philosophy (15%)

Constraints & Approach (15%)

Past Business Practices & Current Policies (10%)

During this meeting, the developer will present to the Board with an opportunity for
questions following. The meeting will be facilitated by a member of the SEDA
consultant team.

In addition to this presentation by the developer, information will be gathered through a
Technical Review Committee process, review of the Financial Disclosure Form by staff
and consultants, and follow-up by SEDA/City staff with provided references. This
follows the strategy approved by the SEDA Board during the May, June and August
Board meetings. All assessments and gathered information will be provided to the
Board during the December 6th SEDA meeting

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