Springfield Education Association: "it's too soon" community-awareness day of action

Springfield Education Association: "it's too soon" community-awareness day of action

September 1, 2020

Springfield educators want to be back with our students, but we need more time. SEA members are taking several actions to build community awareness about restarting in-person and to support our k-3 staff and students.

What we are doing: Car Caravan through downtown on Tuesday, Sept. 1st at 4:30 (details to follow)

Rationale: It isn’t safe yet for students, families, and staff

Desired Outcomes:

  • To build community partners and awareness

  • Push back the in-person start dates so educators can better prepare for in-person safety protocols and students and staff can become more familiar with the new curriculum.

  • Engage in transparent and open collaborative conversations and planning moving forward (examples: open forums, stake-holder leaders meetings) to better serve our students and community.

Key unifying message guidelines:

  • Keep messages family and student-focused. We are advocating for them.

  • Avoid messages that might imply in-person instruction will never be acceptable. We want to return the right way.

  • Build and maintain community support.

  • Be professional and model appropriate behavior and language.

  • Strive for a positive tone so our message is well received.

Want some ideas? Car Caravan Signage Suggestions:

  • It’s too soon for … (add message here)

  • It’s too soon

  • We want to go back the right way

  • If it’s not safe for 4-12th, then it's not safe for K-3

  • Where’s the finished plan?

  • Equity for all our students

  • We care for our community

  • All kids, all day is not the way

  • Hands off, masks on, all day? No way.

  • Our kids deserve a safe plan

  • We can do better for children and families

  • We care about our students

  • A Heart symbol/icon (to signify caring and health)

  • I "heart" Springfield students

  • A safe plan for ALL students

Other ideas:

  • I am a Springfield Voter

  • I am a member of this community

Island Park
200 West B Street

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