The People's Council: A Community Forum

The People's Council: A Community Forum

January 20, 2021

*Please make sure to bring a mask and practice physical distancing.*

Come together with your community to take a stand against whit e supremacy on January 20th, 2021 at the Park Blocks in Eugene, OR from 1 - 4 PM. Participate in a Q&A made up of local organizations, eat fre e food and enjoy shared resources. Rain or shine!
¡Traducción en español disponible!

The People's Council is a coalition made up of loc al grassroots groups, such as:
Solidaritea | Sunrise Eugene | Willamett e Action Collective | Abolitionist Common Library | Cascadia Forest Defende rs | Black Thistle Street Aid | Eugene DSA | Stop Deaths on The Streets | & amp; many more!

Remember, WE keep each other safe and WE are our o wn best hope. #beyondbiden #fascistfree541

Park Blocks, Eugene, OR 97401, USA

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