TransPonder Civil Rights Protest

TransPonder Civil Rights Protest

June 27, 2020

ALL HUMANS deserve access to healthcare. We are protesting the Trump administration’s erasure of LGBTQIA+ healthcare protections in the af fordable care act by their defining gender as based on biological sex, and their intentional terrorizing of our community by rolling this out during Pride Month and the 4-year anniversary of the Pulse Massacre. We are marchi ng to honor the trans lives that have been lost, especially trans BIPOC li ves who are being erased by lack of recognition and lack of justice. We wil l highlight our solidarity with BIPOC communities and our shared fight for recognition and equality. Come protest and march with us as we demand bette r!

June 27 • 12PM • Kesey Square 021630455007/

Kesey Square
10 E Broadway
Eugene, OR 97401

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