McKenzie-Willamette workers ratify new contract

Plus Fred Meyer seeking scabs, City Council aims to repeal House Bill 2001

McKenzie-Willamette workers ratify new contract

Last Friday McKenzie Willamette workers represented by SEIU 49 voted to ratify a new contract after the bargaining team reached a a tentative deal on Wednesday. This averted the strike that was planned for tomorrow. In their press release the union puts forth the pay raises they won as their biggest victory.

Fred Meyer is advertising for scabs

UFCW-555 has not called for a strike, Fred Meyer is seeking to hire scabs in preparation of one. UFCW has gone on record to refute that a strike is not imminent. Fred Meyer is offering $15/hour for people to scab, which is noticeably more than many current and longtime employees. UFCW plans to announce an economic action in relation to Fred Meyer tomorrow.

Eugene City Council seeks to repeal state housing bill

The Oregon Legislature passed at the end of its last legislative session a bill that would re-legalize what is known as “missing middle housing”, in House Bill 2001. Housing that is between single-family houses and multi-family houses. Oregon’s House Bill 2001 allowed for building of more duplexes and accessory dwelling units. Legislators sought to remove the exclusionary housing zoning in order to bring in a variety of housing types and at affordable prices. HB 2001 counted many housing advocates as supporters and passed both chambers by wide margins. At tonight’s work session the Eugene City Council voted to have the City Manager work on a legislative repeal of HB 2001 in 2020.

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