Eugene man hits local BLM organizer with car

Isiah Wagoner, organizer with Black Unity, was hit while marching in children’s march.

On Sunday evening Travis Paul Waleri, a 34-year old white man, struck Isiah Wagoner with a white Subaru while he was marching. Isiah Wagoner is an organizer with Black Unity and was standing out in front of kids, including his own, in the Children’s March organized by the organization as part of the Black lives matter movement.

Isiah Wagoner is now at home resting, after spending Sunday night in the hospital. A comrade of his is organizing a GoFundMe for his health bills.

About 200 people gathered at the Lane County Jail to protest the action taken by Waleri and the inaction of the Eugene Police Department. Waleri was detain, but not arrested.

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