Pre-trial detainees enter 4th week of hunger strike

Pre-trial detainees at Lane County Jail are in their fourth week of hunger striking. The 12 detainees who are striking demands include the right to a speedy and fair trial, and adequate COVID-19 protections. Last week a detainee released photos showing a guard moving between a quarantined section and the general population of the jail without a mask on.

On Friday, Lane County Mutual Aid put on a press conference in support of the hunger strikers. Also participating were family members of the hunger strikers, GTFF VP of Organizing Rhiannon Lindgren, and Oregon Justice Resource Center’s Althea Seloover. Seelover pointedly put it: that if we want everybody to wear masks and we want to care for people, we have to care for those that are incarcerated.

Lane County Mutual Aid continued actions in solidarity with hunger strikers with a letter writing campaign and a call to reach out to Lane County Commissioners by phone and email.

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