COVID-19 cases continue to rise, college sports to resume

Lane County continued to see a dramatic rise in COVID-19 cases last week. On Thursday, the county government moved it’s alert level to high and it continues to stand there. As of this writing, Lane County has 202 people that are currently infectious. Some schools have scaled back operations, while others are moving ahead.

The University of Oregon saw 64 of its students report positive cases this week, with 60 of them living off campus. In spite of this, Presidential Shchill announced that Pac-12 football, in addition to other sports, would return.

On Monday the county broke the limit for COVID cases in order to reopen schools. These rules only apply to reopening, meaning Springfield Public School’s which opened for in person learning to kindergarten and first graders could continue. Waterville and Mt. Vernon schools in that district did not open on that day and can’t bring back K-12 until at least Oct. 12. Other School Districts in the county like Fern Ridge and Crow-Applegate-Lorane that were set to open Tuesday, were also forced to push that day back.

Springfield was planning to bring back second graders this week, but decided to scrap that plan. However the district will continue teaching K-1 students in person

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