City considers update to hate resolution, local groups to hold community forum on J20

City considering updating resolution against white supremacy

The Eugene City Council is set to revisit its resolution condemning white supremacy at its work session this Wednesday. Council directed City manager Medary to craft an updated statement in light of the fascist revolt at the Capitol earlier this month.

The last time the council passed a resolution on white supremacy was July of 2019, which was a watered down version of the initial resolution. The initial resolution, which was supposed to be uncontroversial, faced backlash from Councilors Taylor, Semple, and Clark. It appears there will be pushback this time around also.

At the City Council meeting last Monday Councilor Clark said he would not be able to sign onto a statement unless it condemns Black Lives Matter and Antifa. He also expressed how he is only interested in condemning actions, and not the speech and beliefs of fascists. This is not too dissimilar from what Clark spoke about last time or Semple, for that matter.

Groups to hold anti-fascist, abolitionist event on inauguration day

A number of local groups under the banner of the People’s Council are holding a community forum on Wednesday, from 1-4 PM, at the Park Block. This is the same day as the presidential inauguration.

The messaging from the coalition recognizes that Biden is not enough and that ultimately it is the community that will defeat fascism, not representational politics.

Free food and resources will be provided.

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