Rawlin workers begin strike, City to sweep Westmoreland camp

Rawlin workers kick off strike

At 10 AM Tuesday workers at The Rawlin walked out for recognition of their union and better conditions for residents. Leading with chants including, “What do we want? Safe Staffing! When do we want it? Now!” and “What’s disgusting? Union Busting!”

30 of the 48 Rawlin workers were on the picket line and about the same number of community members were present. Among those there in solidarity was Springfield City Councilor Leonard Stoehr, and members of Eugene DSA, GTFF, ESSN, and SEIU 503 retirees.

In response to the petition from 85% of workers, OneLife CEO Zack Falk told KLCC, “The decision to join or not join a union is a significant and consequential one and we just don’t feel it’s our place to make that decision on behalf of the employees. We think it’s best that they do that by participating in a federally-supervised, secret ballot election.”

A union election is a process that can take several months. Rawlin workers say this is untenable at a time when there has been 23 deaths in the last nine weeks and have seen numerous people quit over working conditions.

Workers will be on the picket lines from 9 AM to 6 PM Wednesday through Friday. Community members can sign up for a strike shift using this form.

City to continue homeless camp sweeps with eviction at Westmoreland Park Wednesday

The City of Eugene is planning to evict the houseless people camping at Westmoreland Park Wednesday after delaying the sweep because of inclement weather. The eviction order was sent to over 70 unhoused residents camping in the southwest Eugene park, which the Decriminalize Homelessness notes many are unhoused for the first time. The reasoning the City gives for the eviction is that they are breaking its provision of being within 300 feet of a City Rest Stop. The houseless advocates say they count most of those given notice being more than 300 feet from the new rest stop.

The eviction at Westmoreland Park comes on the heels of the harassment of unhoused neighbors at 5th and Almaden and behind the W. 11th Walmart. People at the Walmart who were staying in their vehicles have documented disabilities. Unhoused folks and advocates thought they were in the clear when they took part in a concerted trash clean up effort, but city came back to evict residents and many had abandoned previously over previous threatening messages from the city.

Decriminalize Homelessness provides more details and calls out the City for not following the CDC’s or its own guidelines in its full report.

Other news of note

  • After a direct action at Bell Real Estate and a solidarity rally in front of the County Courthouse organized by Eugene Housing and Defense, Lakesha had her case dismissed. Meaning she will not be evicted.

  • After nearly nine months after the May 29 protests, the EPD continues to make arrests related to it. The latest is of 26 year old Black man Arei Mathias. Eugene Jail Support is running a fundraiser to help post his bail.

  • Local independent media publication Double Sided Media is running a seven part series on the history of protest in Eugene and has published their first two parts.

  • A local Black family was targeted with their car tagged with a racist slur and a noose laid on their recycling can. The family is running a fundraiser for car repairs and security cams.

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