Sunrise leads protest against NW Natural

As part of the Fossil Free Eugene campaign, Sunrise Eugene led a protest against NW Natural Friday. A protest that included a bike ride from Skinner Butte to NW Natural, where they delivered speeches. At NW Natural two sunrise members took part in a direct action and were arrested by the EPD for allegedly climbing over the business’s fence. The Climate activist group held a protest later that night and with help of Eugene Jail Support the activists were able to get out on bail.

With the City of Eugene and NW Natural failing to come to agreement last month the franchise agreement is set to lapse in May. The Fossil Free Eugene coalition celebrated this impasse. City Council has not made any steps regarding new development of gas infrastructure by NW Natural since that meeting and is currently on break until April 12. 350 Eugene, a member of the Fossil Free Eugene coalition, is calling for continued testimony regarding NW Natural and fracked gas in Eugene when the Council returns.

Local links

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  • LCC joins in with UO in announcing it will offer “mostly in-person classes and activities for the 2021-22 academic year.”

  • The US Ninth Circuit Court of appeals has overturned parts of a lower courts ruling in Jennifer Freyd’s pay discrimination case against the University of Oregon, opening up the chance for trial.

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