Budget forwarded to Eugene Council, new police chief sworn in Springfield

Budget Committee passes recommendation for Council

The City of Eugene Budget Committee finished their recommendation for Council on Wednesday. The biggest event out of the 4.5 hour session was staff announcing that the City lost its lawsuit with Comcast and with that would take a $3.9M revenue hit.

Among the motions passed at the meeting was a $125K increase in the CAHOOTS budget. The bigger questions around the police and CAHOOTS budget will come down the line when the City deals with the CSI in supplemental budgets. The Budget Committee passed a motion saying they would like to reconvene when Council is having those discussions

Springfield swears in interim police chief

The City of Springfield swore in Andrew Shearer as the new police chief last week. Shearer previously served as the assistant police chief of the Portland Police Bureau, where he worked for 28 years.

The appointment of Shearer comes after former police chief Rick Lewis retired while on paid administrative leave and during an ongoing internal investigation.

Lane County misses vaccination goal

Lane County made a push to get 65% of residents 16+ vaccinated last Tuesday so the County could move to permanent low risk, however they missed it. The County reported that 62.75% of the 16+ population was vaccinated as of last Friday. The state will make an assessment two Tuesdays from now where Lane County will have the opportunity to prove they can move to low risk.

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