Eugene HAND protests Olympic Trials

Eugene Housing and Neighborhood Defense (HAND) led a protest of the Olympic Trials at its opening last Friday. Marching from Washburne Park to Hayward Field, protestors centered renters and targeted imperialism, with Nike being their main target. HAND emphasized how the Trials have led to gentrification of the surrounding Eugene area with they say the building of the $270M stadium pushed out renters and the unhoused. Also noting an increased policing in the area to satisfy Nike and other sponsors.

Protestors donned red masks and had such chants as “Renters shouldn’t live in fear, we don’t want Olympics here,” while beating a drum and parading banners saying “Death to Nike Imperialism” and “Solidarity with the International Working Class”. HAND also brought a revolutionary tone with the chant “One solution, revolution”

Even though the march was middling in size, with around 20 protestors, the group attracted a lot of attention from opposition. When they arrived about 20 feet from the gates to the event at least a half a dozen private security had approached the protestors. On the march back towards Washburne Park two cop cars starting tailing them as they went down Franklin Boulevard. Additionally one right winger and a couple UO employees in a golf cart tracked and filmed them while marching.

Local links

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