Community stands up for queer liberation, against imperialism

An unnamed group of people organized “Stonewall was a riot” a queer and trans pride march, rally, and social event Sunday evening. Originally planned for the week before on June 27, the night before the anniversary of the Stonewall, the event was postponed because of the danger of excessive heat. Organizers say they purposefully scheduled it on “Independence Day” to draw the connection of queer liberation and anti-imperialism.

The march began at Kesey Square with around 75 people. Organizers led protestors west and hooked back around northeast, stopping at the Lane County Jail. Protestors shouted solidarity statements towards prisoners and speakers brought into the fold the theme of police and prison abolition, connecting them to the other issues. Attendance grew to around 100 people when they ended at their destination point of the Park Blocks.

At the Park blocks they had speeches, a piñata, and music. Additional themes emphasized was land back to indigenous people and stopping construction to the Line 3 pipeline, at he event was a table collecting donations to support Line 3 protestors that were jailed.

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