New reports provide info on Eugene fascists

The Proud Boys made the news earlier this month when the fascist street gang claimed the streets of Creswell for a Fourth of July parade. Now thanks to a new report from Eugene Antifa and Willamette Valley Hate Watch we have much more information on the local chapter, the McKenzie River Proud Boys. With who appears to be its leader, Jefferey Keith Mustin, and several more based out of not a small conservative town, but liberal campus town Eugene Oregon.

Eugene Antifa and Willamette Valley Hate Watch exposes the violent hate groups behavior in various actions that have taken place across Oregon in the last year and how its members are seeking to infiltrate and harass the community. They end the article in saying, “In Oregon they are more active than ever before: Near-weekly rallies events are being held in small, ultra-white conservative towns, and once-unaffiliated violent racists are now joining forces with the Proud Boys. If their organizing is unopposed, they will continue to grow.”

This last week we also got a report from Central Oregon Antifascist of Gary Edward Franklin, a Neo-Nazi in Eugene Oregon Franklin has been running a dating site for Neo-Nazis and spreading racist memes.

Local links

  • The University of Oregon provided an update on mask requirements, “Face coverings are no longer required indoors for those individuals who are fully vaccinated.” Adding later that masks are still required during in-person classes.

  • After four years of fighting the discrimination lawsuit, the UO has settled with Professor Freyd. $350K will be going to Freyd and her attorneys and $100K will be going Freyd’s foundation, Center for Institutional Courage, which is “dedicated to scientific research and action promoting institutional courage”.

  • Double Sided Media reports on how a local Asian activist’s house was targeted in an attack for the fourth time since last August and how community members came to help clean up.

  • After about two years of uncertainty surrounding ownership of the The Patrican mobile home park, the residents purchased the property. The new name of the park is Filbert Grove Cooperative.

  • “Nineteen residents with memory loss have contracted coronavirus at Spruce Point Memory Care in Florence.”

  • Eugene, Springfield schools to get additional $122.3M in federal funds

  • With lifting of COVID restrictions statewide boards and councils are planning to meet in person. Lane County Commissioners are set for in-person meetings August 31. Springfield will meet in-person when they return from their break on Sep. 7. The City of Eugene does not have a date set, but will meet at Lane Community College downtown campus building when they do return to in-person meetings.

  • Springfield diner Along Came Trudy was slapped with a new fine of $40K from Oregon OSHA for violating COVID regulations.

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