Antifascists defend Planned Parenthood, community

The Church at Planned Parenthood made a last second change, and moved their protest to the Planned Parenthood in Glennwood. With that organizers of the counterprotest moved their event to that location too.

A half dozen hate preachers showed up with anti-abortion signs in front of the Planned Parenthood before 1 PM, shortly behind was half a dozen more militant looking fascists. At the same time there was only a half a dozen antifascists, but their presence was growing. Rightwingers then started packing up around 1 PM, and antifascists held down the area in front of Planned Parenthood — over 100 antifascists on both sides of Franklin Blvd at 2 PM, where TCAPP was a no show for their event.

Around 3 PM it started circulating around counterprotesters that TCAPP had set up nearby the closed Planned Parenthood in West Eugene. Around 50 in the TCAPP crew were reported to be at the Albertsons parking lot across the street before counterprotesters arrived. As counterprotesters started showing up TCAPP quickly scurried out of the area.

For more coverage, read Double Sided Media’s article: Eugene’s antifascists show up for reproductive rights

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