White supremacist Charlie Kirk to speak in Eugene, Creswell councilor resigns

White supremacist leader of Turnining Points USA, Charlie Kirk set to appear in Eugene

Charlie Kirk, the CEO of reactionary student group Turning Points USA, is set to appear in Eugene on October 27 at the Graduate Eugene as part of the group’s “Exposing Critical Racism Tour.” Their event page has University of Oregon on its graphic and text, but the University has told KEZI that event is not affiliated with it or any of the UO’s organizations.

Kirk has gone from using dog whistles to using blatant white supremacist language, like recently when he talked about the so-called “Replacement Theory” on his show. Kirk last showed up in town on the University of Oregon campus in 2018, where he was met with relatively minimal opposition.

Creswell councilor who opposed equity and inclusion resigns

JoeRell Medina, who rode the pushback of the Council’s proposed equity resolution to get elected last year, resigned from the Creswell City Council last week. Once in office he continued to oppose any sort of statements of equity and inclusion. In his resignation letter he said that Oregon was becoming a “totalitarian state” and he would be leaving the state.

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