Welcome to Solidarity News

Welcome to the new Solidarity News website! Solidarity News has been running as a standalone newsletter for about two and half years. Now with the expansion you will see more types of content more often.

What is Solidarity News?

Solidarity News is a publication aimed at those that are building change in the Eugene/Springfield area. For rank and file unionists to housing advocates to mutual aid organizers and everything in between. This publication also seeks to be an entry point into the various movements.

To achieve these aims Solidarity News tells the story from the ground of protests and of grassroots organizations. On this website you can read interviews with organizers, news coverage of events, and more.

Solidarity News seeks to provide a resource to the community through watchdog reporting. From coverage of council and board meetings to longer muckraking projects that dig up what our government is doing behind the scenes.

How can I support?

If you would like to contribute to Solidarity News, you can subscribe for $6/month, about the price of a good pint of beer, or a nice $69/year. In addition to knowing you are keeping this site going you will also get access to the monthly members newsletter and exclusive members articles. You can subscribe by hitting the subscribe button in the header. If you’re on mobile, hit the menu button first.

If you don’t have the means to become a paying subscriber right now, that is fine. All newsy content will be in front of the paywall. There will also be other opportunities to make donations to contribute to Solidarity News in the future.

What about the weekly update newsletter?

The weekly update newsletter will keep going. If you subscribed to the newsletter when it was hosted on Substack, you will continue getting the newsletter in your inbox every Monday morning. If you are not subscribed you can subscribe for free by clicking on the fist in the lower right hand corner and checking the newsletter.

All the previous newsletters will be accessible on this website, but going forward newsletters will just go to your inbox. There will however be a link in each newsletter to view it in your browser and share with others.

How else can I keep up with what Solidarity News publishes?

You can follow Solidarity News on Twitter, subscribe to the YouTube channel, or add the RSS feed to your favorite feed reader. If there is a platform you think Solidarity News should be on that it is not currently, please drop a line.

I have something I would like Solidarity News to cover. How can I reach you?

Head on over to our contact page where you can find a multitude of ways to send a message. If you have an upcoming event you would like publicize, you can submit it to the calendar.