UO students set up camp to call for justice in Palestine

At 7:00 AM Monday, University of Oregon students set up an encampment, that they deem the “Liberated Zone,” on the Memorial Quad across from the Lillis Business Complex. University of Oregon Palestine Coalition, which is made up of Students for Justice in Palestine, Jewish Voices for Peace, Working Committee of Grads for Palestine, and Young Democratic Socialists of America, is leading this action to put pressure on the University of Oregon to “boycott and divest from the state of Israel, Israeli companies, and any weapons or surveillance manufacturing.” They also demand that the UO “put out statements and protections affirming the safety of Palestinian, Jewish, Muslim, and Arab students on campus.”

The UO Palestine coalition aims to keep the Liberated Zone going until their demands are met by the university.

Monday afternoon the University of Oregon put out a statement that read in part: “The safety of our campus community is our highest priority. We uphold the constitutional right to free speech and peaceful dissent. At the same time, we also uphold the right for all our students to receive their education, to participate in and attend classes, and to do so safely and without intimidation.”

The night of the first day organizers provided a community dinner, followed by an Islamic prayer service. At 9:30 PM Monday, when it got dark on campus and the area began to quiet, there were roughly 50 camps set up.

Students aim to provide programming everyday, today, the second day of the encampment, they are providing a first aid training along with several teach-ins. They also had Rep. Rashida Tlaib present via zoom.

While organizers are asking only students to camp out, they are very welcome of community support. Community members can donate both physical items and cash donations. The top needs are sleeping pads and bags, canopies, tents, blankets, and tables. Individuals can also send donations through Venmo to @Materialsupplyfund.