Beyond toxics: Willamette Wetlands of the Kalapuya honoring ceremony

Beyond toxics: Willamette Wetlands of the Kalapuya honoring ceremony

July 9, 2022

WHAT: Ceremony for the Willamette Wetlands of the Kalapuya – a new Eugene mural and Educational Project
WHEN: Saturday, July 9 from 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
WHERE: Dr. Edwin Coleman Jr. Community Center located in Westmoreland Park [1545 W 22nd Ave, Eugene, OR 97405]
EVENT SPONSORS: Beyond Toxics and Friendly Area Neighbors
DETAILS: No registration required! Free! Family Friendly! Complimentary snacks will be provided by Beyond Toxics

OPB Story: "Kalapuya's relationship to native plants focus of new mural" by Brian Bull

The 64 ft. Kalapuya Culture mural painted on the east side of the Dr. Edwin Coleman Jr. Center Community Center depicts a seasonal round, an annual cycle of storytelling, gathering plants for their roots, seeds and fibers and celebrating the gifts of nature through ceremony. The mural is located adjacent to rare prairie wetlands that have survived in Eugene’s Westmoreland Park (known for its disc golf course).

This highly visible mural and educational kiosk displayed in the heart of the wet prairie area indicates our community’s commitment to inclusivity and respect for Native American cultural, historical, and environmental knowledge.

The Honoring Ceremony will feature:
Esther Stutzman and her daughter Shannin Stutzman sharing Kalapuya cultural narratives
The Splachta Alla Singers sharing songs and drumming of Willamette Valley tribal people
Dr. David Lewis, professor of Ethnic Studies at OSU and former curator of the Chachalu Tribal Museum and Cultural Center
Mayor Lucy Vinis
Rayna Viles, member of the Confederated Tribe of the Siletz Indians and board member of Beyond Toxics
Susan Applegate, artist, sharing insights into the creation of the mural.
Senator James Manning, words of appreciation
Walking tours of the two wetlands located in Westmoreland Park will be led by Eugene Parks & Open Space staff
Closing Remarks - Lisa Arkin

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