Cinder: Non-profits and public policy as tools of white supremacy

Cinder: Non-profits and public policy as tools of white supremacy

April 21, 2022

Meet Marcus, Amanda, and Shannon, panelists for the PPPM Equity Initiative event with CINDER, happening on April 20th in the Crater Lake North room of the EMU.

Marcus is the facilitator of the PPPM Equity Initiative x CINDER Panel. He is the Director of Social Equity at Cinder and an experienced community organizer, dedicated to transforming the cultural, material, and systemic conditions of our workplace and society.

Amanda is NYC born, raised part time in Puerto Rico and found her way to Portland in 2011. She can’t live without a comfy chair and a knitting project, and feels a deep passion and commitment to humanizing the social services world for marginalized folks.

Shannon is a queer Chicana single mother of two, a community organizer, and deeply rooted in mutual aid. She identifies as a transracial adoptee from México who is working for a world without cages, directing her energy to honoring and uplifting self determination, personal histories, and lived experiences. Shannon focuses her work in creative writing, art, queer radical parenting, healing, and agitation.

Sign up to hear a discussion on white supremacy in the nonprofit and public sectors. Link in the @uo_pppm bio.

Erb Memorial Union (EMU)
1395 University St.
Eugene , OR 97403

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