Decriminalize Homelessness: CSI action zap

Decriminalize Homelessness: CSI action zap

May 26, 2021

CALL TO ACTION - CSI to CAHOOTS and Housing! (Not our event but we fully support!!)

WHAT: Zoom Action Zap to call on the City of Eugene to direct Community Safety Initiative funds to CAHOOTS and housing! Invest in Community, Not More Criminalization!

WHEN: Wednesday, May 26th, 12-1pm

WHERE: Register here: (Access: phone and computer to make calls and send emails)

WHY: The community has made it clear that we want the payroll tax-funded Community Safety Initiative (CSI) budget directed to things that will make our whole community safer, including an increase in non-punitive intervention services from CAHOOTS, and developing community infrastructure for emergency shelter and accessible and adequate housing for people with no income or extremely low income.

Yet CAHOOTS has been left out of the CSI budget completely! CAHOOTS saves the City nearly $1.3 Million a year in EPD officer wages while pay CAHOOTS workers start at $18/hour, an estimated $9 less per hour than the national average. CAHOOTS is touted locally and internationally as a model, yet they don’t have the resources they need to stabilize their operations and retain their current, amazing staff—much less expand their services as many in the community have requested. CAHOOTS needs 10% of the CSI budget to continue providing the services Eugene relies on and be able to grow in the future.

Join Action Zap to make calls and send emails to city councilors and budget committee members, and prepare for public comments to tell City leaders to direct CSI funds to CAHOOTS and housing

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