UO grads for a universal 1 year funding extension

UO grads for a universal 1 year funding extension

May 25, 2020

Though we are remote, we are still strong and organized--GTFF's executive board is issuing formal demands for a universal 1-year extension of funding for graduate employees and students today (Friday 5/22). To support these demands, we are mounting a small in-person socially distanced action on Monday May 25 at 1 pm that you can live-stream here! (**This action has been planned to maximize social distancing; please stay home and tune in to our live-stream from wherever you are to join us.**)

Simultaneous to this action, we are asking all of you to individually email the open letter calling for extension of funding that was passed around earlier this term to the president, provost, grad school dean, and HR.

Please make sure you’ve signed the letter at bit.ly/UO-grad-letter! Also, share your thoughts about the importance of a universal 1-year funding extension for UO grad students on social media using the hashtags #universal1yr and #HigherEdWorksBecauseWeDo—and tag GTFF!

Let's end this term with a (responsibly distanced) bang and make it clear that we’re willing to fight for what we need

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