UOYDSA: Alabama communists lecture screening

UOYDSA: Alabama communists lecture screening

January 14, 2021

Now that school is back in session and restrictions on gathering are eased, we're trying again. Please wear a mask, bring a friend, and be covid conscientious at our events.

On January 14th, 5pm at University Park, we're presenting a short lecture by Micheal Esealuka, the Co-Chair of DSA New Orleans, on the Alabama Sharecroppers Union and Communist Part organizing in the southeast during the Great Depression. After, we'll have a community discussion on the topic. We're also presenting excerpts of the Southern Worker to bring the obscured voices of Black radicals into the present. We are also collecting canned food for local food pantries.

Come join us to learn and discuss using mutual aid, community defense, tenant organizing, and unions to fight the boss, landlord, and white supremacy!

University Park
2300 University St.
Eugene, OR 97405

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