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Starbucks workers ‘Double Down’ with strike before holidays, a month after Red Cup Rebellion strike

About a month after the Red Cup Rebellion, Starbucks workers nationwide held a three-day strike that they deemed the “Double Down Strike”. Workers walked out. Dec 16-18 over much of the same issues that the company did not address after the last strike. These include inadequate staffing and refusing to bargain in good […]

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Workers at three more Starbucks stores in Eugene file for union elections

Starbucks Workers United announced that workers at three more Starbucks stores have filed for union elections in Eugene. Workers at 7th and Washington, 65 Oakway Center, and Franklin & Villard , join the workers at 29th & Willamette who filed on January 6. Across the country, workers at 13 other shops filed for union elections today. In letters […]

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SEIU 49 workers at McKenzie-Willamette win new contract

Workers at McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center represented by SEIU 49 secured a new union contract with the hospital in Springfield. The union secured the contract after two strikes in October and December. The over 300 workers — including pharmacy techs, certified nursing assistants, physical therapists, operating room custodians, and social workers — won increased […]

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