SEIU 49 workers at McKenzie-Willamette win new contract

Workers at McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center represented by SEIU 49 secured a new union contract with the hospital in Springfield. The union secured the contract after two strikes in October and December. The over 300 workers — including pharmacy techs, certified nursing assistants, physical therapists, operating room custodians, and social workers — won increased wages and training funds, a COVID appreciation bonus, and more.

Included in the new contract is an average wage increase of 22% over the three year lifespan of the contract. Wage increases per hour increase is an average $6.07 for the life of the contract. The union also gained a COVID appreciation bonus for workers, the first of such bonus during the pandemic. Workers also received increased education and training funds, and a guaranteed 401K match.

“We knew that bringing wages to a competitive level was necessary in order for McKenzie-Willamette to attract and retain highly-skilled staff,” says Aaron Green, CNA2 at McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center. “By taking direct action with our strikes we were able to settle a strong contract that will support workers with better wages, healthcare subsidies, and more funds in our training and education fund.”

The union gains came after holding two strikes last year— a two day strike in October and a five day strike in December. Hospital workers received wide support at each strike from local unions to federal representatives.