Fix the pay gap

Workers petition gender pay gap at Fred Meyer

Workers and allies are calling on Fred Meyer to fix the gender pay gap. Union data shows that female workers are getting paid $3.70 per hour less than men on average. Upon hire, women are being placed into a lower paid jobs.The Oregon AFL-CIO is petitioning management and has organized and doing sign waves in front of Fred Meyers.

Grocery store workers at Fred Meyer, Safeway, Albertsons, and QFC represented by UFCW 555 are currently taking strike votes around Oregon. Portland-are workers voted to authorize the strike, among the reasons are low wages, including the gender wage gap at Fred Meyer.

Eugene City Council condemns white nationalism, barely

At a work session, the Eugene City Council considered, and passed by a 4-3 vote, a resolution titled “A Resolution Condemning White Nationalism and Alt-Right Activities and Groups.” A pretty straight forward resolution that came shortly after a neo-nazi tagged West Eugene with swastikas. The resolution was accompanied with two letters signed by over 30 community organizations and businesses.

Councilor Emily Semple motioned the resolution, but ended up voting against the same resolution. Councilor Mike Clark said it was a slippery slope to police people’s beliefs. Semple said that the resolution should have been worded better. Councilor Betty Taylor also voted against the resolution, she didn’t even see a reason why we need a resolution like this. A resolution denouncing white nationalism passed by just one vote in the liberal city of Eugene and two Democrats voting against it.

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