Ready for action this August

Counterprotestors outnumber fascists

Eugene had a good showing against the fascists when they came downtown for the God, Guns and Trump/ Liberty rally. Eugene Weekly reported there were 50 to 60 right-wingers and 250 to 300 counterprotestors. There was only one arrest, and that was of right-wing Brandon Alan Howard (AKA Brian Fife).

At the rally Howard tried to dress in black bloc and blend in with the counterprotestors, but was spotted being friendly with right-wingers. Later that day, Howard was spotted at Old Nick’s pub harassing attendants.

The far-right is planning another rally in Portland this Saturday, and groups from around the state are encouraging people to show up to counterprotest.

Jim Torrey appointed to office despite public opinion against

The Eugene School Board voted Thursday to appoint Jim Torrey to the seat vacated by Evangelina Sundgrenz. Torrey was voted out of office by over 16,000 people in May of this year, after serving on the board for 12 years. At the meeting Eugene Education Association VP, among others spoke in favor of Maya Rabasa, the other leading finalist. The Register Guard editorial board even spoke out about his appointment asking the board to reverse its decision.

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