Eugene responds to police killing of George Floyd

On Wednesday May 25, cops in Minneapolis murdered George Floyd, an African-American man, after being detained for allegedly using a counterfeit $20 bill. The next day vigils and protests started popping up across the country. By Friday, people in Eugene marked the death of Floyd.

The protest on Friday night started as a quiet demonstration, then protesters began marching. Many capped it off with a bonfire. Then people broke off to smash windows and tag buildings. Some going after national business, but also some tagging freely or hitting up small businesses.

Thousands of people turned out to a black lives matter protest on Sunday. Organizers held a bit more restrained rally with politicians and non-profit leaders. Protesters Sunday did not go without harassment. This included a right-winger that pulled out a rifle of his car while people were marching.

The City of Eugene has responded to protesters with now three straight nights of curfews, often announced shortly before the time was set or extended region with short notice. Police have also escalated with violence against protesters and those covering protests.

Cops arrested peaceful protesters that stayed out past curfew Saturday. On Sunday cops arrested more people deployed teargas, and shooting pellets at marchers. Near campus, cops shot a tear gas round directly at a Eugene Weekly reporter who had identified himself.

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