Protests continue, county enters phase 2

Black lives matter

As we enter day ten of protests in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd some new and rejuvenated campaigns and demands have emerged:

  • The BIPOC Liberation Collective led a call to “defund, disarm, dismantle the police” at their march and teach-in Sunday.

  • The newly formed Black Student Collective shared a list of nine demands targeted towards President Schill and the University of Oregon. Some, like renaming Deady Hall, are demands the Black Student Task Force put forward in 2015 that the UO did not meet. The Board of Trustees announced it would revisit this issue after member after member Andrew Colas asked the board to to take it on.

  • There have been calls to disband the UO Police department.

  • Black Led Action Coalition is calling for community members to write into the 4J School Board before their meeting on June 17th to demand the school district cut ties with the Eugene Police Department

Lane County enters phase two

Lane County began phase two reopening on Friday. Allowing offices to bring back employees with physical distancing in place and the curfew for bars has been extended from 10 AM to midnight. No timeline has been set for when counties can enter phase three reopening, only that there needs to be a reliable treatment or vaccine available.

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