UO mostly online for fall, dorms still open

On Wednesday, the University of Oregon administration announced that fall instruction will be mostly online. The exception is that some small classes, studio experiences, and labs will be in person.

President Schill, in speaking to the Daily Emerald, said that there is still a live-in requirement for first year students, but students could opt-out over COVID concerns. Students had until today to make a decision whether or not to sign a contract for room and board at the University of Oregon for a full year, that averages $15K. At schools like Portland State and Oregon State students have the option to forego fall term but sign up for dorms starting in winter.

The GTFF put out a statement acknowledging that the decision to go remote for fall term is the correct decision, but noting the university has not done enough to ensure the safety for those that are currently working on campus. Those include GEs working in labs, classified staff working campus operations, and some officers of administration.

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  • Gov. Brown extended the foreclosure moratorium to Dec. 31. The statewide eviction moratorium for renters is still set to expire Sept. 30.

The week ahead

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