Eugene continues sweeps, groups pressure city on use of natural gas

Fighting back against sweeps

The city of Eugene made another big sweep of unhoused peoples’ resting spaces, this time at Washington Jefferson Park. This comes at a time when the city has among the lowest level of shelters available in recent years. This is also when Oregon is seeing the highest spike in COVID-19 cases.

Members of Stop Death on the Streets witnessed the sweep when it happened last Thursday. Those taking part in the sweep were the Eugene police and the parks department. While cop watching, they caught a cop not wearing a mask taking part in the sweep.

Stop death on the Streets is encouraging folks to call into the City Manager and Eugene Parks and Open Space offices. Additionally they are holding a car demonstration Monday at 7 PM to protest the sweep and honor the lives we have lost on the streets this year. Location of the action will be announced on their Instagram page.

Local groups form coalition to move city on natural gas and fossil fuel

At least a dozen groups have formed a new coalition to pressure the City of Eugene on its use and expansion of fossil fuel. Specifically they call out in a letter for the city to end its franchise agreement with Northwest Natural unless it follows the Climate Recovery Ordinance adopted by Eugene in 2014 and modified in 2016. They also stand in opposition expansion of gas lines in the Downtown Riverfront site.

Among the signees of the letter that was addressed to Mayor Vinis, City Councilors, and City Manager Medary, on Nov. 18 are Cascadia Wildlands, Eugene DSA, NAACP Eugene/Springfield, and Springfield Eugene Tenants Association. Organizers are encouraging folks to write LTEs and testify at City Council.

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