Muhsin Sharif man shot by EPD

Plus Eugene continues sweeps, and many events this week

We know the name of the Black man who was shot by Eugene Police last week: Muhsin Sharif. Now, apparently after surgery on his gunshot wounds, police have thrown him in jail, facing four felony charges.

Not only have the cops withheld the public from information, but also the family of Sharif. His sisters told KEZI that there has been zero communication between the police and them. It was after his first surgery was done they received a call from the hospital saying he was shot by the police and was in critical condition.

Double Sided Media has done a good job at tracking the story and showing how not only has there been little information from EPD, but that what information they have released has not matched up.

His family is currently running a GoFundme to collect money for his medical costs.

As we see largest spike in pandemic, Eugene continues sweeps

EPD and the Parks department swept an unhoused camp at First and Washington last Wednesday. A camp that contained an estimated 120 people. CORE Eugene, Stop Death on the Streets, and others were there to help campers of the site move their belongings.

“City of Eugene clears camp on Jefferson Street despite CDC’s COVID-19 guidance” was the headline in the Sunday’s Register Guard acknowledging what many activists and medical professionals have been say. Where the city has been directing people are sites that are mostly full, have large hurdles to entry, or are only accepting COVID positive folks.

Local links

  • GTFF recently struck a deal with the administration to provide worker protections and extend their contract through Spring of 2023. Look out for more on this from Solidarity News this week.

  • Stretched by early cold and COVID-19 complications, Egan Warming Center needs a new coming together of resources

  • Oregon’s eviction moratorium is set to expire on Dec. 31 which if not renewed could leave many more on the streets. Legislators are working on a new bill, but it faces several challenges.

  • “For all students in the 4J district, even if schools return to a hybrid learning format, all meals will be free through June 2021 due to an extension of the Child Nutrition Services program, making it possible to feed all who need it.”

  • Destroying the homeless: “Before they clean up, a worker goes through and steals cans and bottles. Actually, everything of value is stolen.”

  • Gov. Brown wants to delay funding for programs to fulfill the voter approved Measure 110 to July 2022

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