City workers rally today, important updates to Solidarity News

Local links

  • The Eugene Weekly provides talked to AFSCME 1724 reps and provides a little bit more on their bargaining. As a reminder these City of Eugene workers will be rallying today, 5:15 PM, at Kesey Square. Solidarity News will be out to cover the action and talk to workers.

  • Eugene Library returns to pre-pandemic hours at all locations

  • 4J board member Gordon Lafer responds to allegations by made by editors of the Euegene Weekly and Interim Superintendent Cydney Vandercar that he was disrespecting senior staff, in saying those allegations are false and that the board must balance the views of administrators with insights from teachers and classroom staff.

  • Eugene Education Association president says of the 800 4J educators that responded to a recent survey 80% said they felt extreme stress this year, and more than 250 said they are considering quitting teaching.

  • UO dining “staffing shortage” reflects poor wages

  • UO Urban Farm’s director voices concerns about Knight Campus expansion cutting off sunlight.

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