City of Eugene to review housing code while it conducts searches, sweeps of homeless

The City of Eugene is set to review housing law in multiple forms over the next couple weeks, from so called middle housing law to renter protections. Meanwhile, the City continues to disrupt the living status of those most vulnerable, through sweeps and searches of those camping out on the streets.

This Tuesday, the City’s Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the Middle Housing Code. This is part of the final adoption of a process that was kicked off in the summer of 2019 when the state signed into law HB 2001that calls for more types of houses, such as duplexes and town houses, in more places. The planning commission will forward whatever work they put into it to the City Council, that is set to review it and hold public hearings February 2022.

Next Monday, City Council is set to hold a work session on renter protections. Housing advocates involved with the Springfield Eugene Tenants association are pushing for the City to take on something they call Displacement Prevention Assistance. This policy concept, that is also supported by community groups like Eugene DSA and unions such as GTFF, would make it so landlords that give no-cause evictions must also provide the tenant funds for relocation assistance.

As part of its “cleanup” efforts at the City of Eugene removed several tents at its 13th and Chamber camping site. Eugene Police intimidated residents at Washington-Jefferson Park on Friday, through searches of multiple tents in search of stolen bikes.

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