Eugene Jail Support: security culture teach-in

Eugene Jail Support: security culture teach-in

July 5, 2020

2 members of the Eugene Jail Support Team are offering a workshop on security culture both on and off the streets! Learn to notice state repression and become resilient against it. Learn to fight paranoia with real information. Gather skills and practices to stay safe and resilient while you confront institutions of power.

We are not lawyers, however we will share the things that we know and allow others to share them too. Remember that learning about state repression, security culture and how to assert your rights is not a one stop shop, it is a constant practice. So come if you’re seasoned in this work and definitely come if you’re new to it.... we’ll see you on Sunday afternoon!

Monroe Park 7/5 4pm - please wear a mask and respect each other's social distance :)

Monroe City Park
10th and Monroe
Eugene, OR 97402

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